Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Tuesday Quickies

I voted no.  On what grounds is Tiger Woods' accident any of my business?  Or yours?  When, where, how or who applies only to the parties involved.  It is none of my business if he was leaving the house at 2:25 am, nor is it any of my business where he was going.  How the accident happened may be of interest but it isn't critical to our existence on the planet.  No alcohol was involved and Tiger was the only one who was injured and if he doesn't want to speak about the accident, that is his business.  Because he is a celebrity does not make his personal life my business.  Honestly, with every day that goes by reality appears to drift further away from the news media as they get closer to the twilight zone.  From balloon boy to gate crashers to single car accidents, infotainment (I can't believe the spell checker thinks that's a real word!) rules the news cycle.  ABC wasn't content with gossiping about Tiger, they added another star  and an ambulance chaser to make the story even more titillating.

I've tried reading Little Green Footballs off and on for the past five years but the vitriol and hatred for anyone who disagreed with their view was too much for me.  I guess it was also too much for Charles Johnson.  Over the last few months he has been bemused by the invective coming from the right and he has officially decided to part company.  I'm adding him to my blogroll, some of his stuff is pretty interesting.

Wow, just wow.  How can people live with themselves having that level of hatred?  Somewhere between my teens and my forties the definition of Christian behavior changed.  And not for the better.


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  1. Regarding Charles Johnson, I'm kinda embarrassed to say that I did the same thing at my blog. Kinda embarrassed because I like to think that my blogroll represents all views but I didn't link to LGF until Johnson came over from the dark side.