Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Avoidance And More Avoidance

One would think that rocking out and John Denver would be mutually exclusive, but one would be wrong.  Sunshine On My Shoulders may make me happy, but it doesn't induce the urge to play music so loud that my neighbors would call the cops.  And if it was Thank God I'm A Country Boy, maybe he should have been playing Take Me Home, Country Roads on his 8-track as he traveled back to his Rocky Mountain High because Leaving On a Jet Plane (I much prefer Peter, Paul and Mary's version) left Mr. Denver a tad disjointed

I've been totally ignoring the NBC late night fiasco for several reasons.  One, I watch Letterman if I haven't turned off the television or I'm caught up with Stewart and Colbert and two, I never liked the Tonight Show after Carson left.  It was a shadow of its former self and Arsenio Hall was much funnier.  Leno can whine all he wants, but his ten o'clock show went a long way to ruin television for those of us who don't require child approved fare before the news.  Whether Conan's ratings weren't as high as people wanted given all the competition he faced that Leno didn't have to, is besides the point.  Conan and his crew moved from New York to California for a job that no longer exists.  And not because Conan failed, but because NBC screwed up and Leno can't let go.  They were warned it wouldn't work before the season started and they snowballed ahead anyway.  Conan, his crew and his fans (whoever they are) are just the damage picked up before the snowball flies over the cliff into oblivion

I took a creative writing class when I was in high school and everyone was going on about this book called Love Story.  Being a die hard science fiction fanatic, I told people I wasn't interested in reading some romance crap that didn't exist in real life.  Our teacher, whose name escapes me at the moment, asked if anyone in the class had a copy.  Somebody did.  It wasn't bad, a simple but entertaining read.  I finished it by lunchtime.  I propped it up behind my assigned reading and read it in class and returned it to the person who loaned it to me.  I was pissed when Patton won Best Picture instead of Love Story.  Only one of the many disappointments the entertainment world had in store for me.  I learned early on that if I thought it was interesting, it would be canceled.  Thank goodness for cable.  Rest in peace Erich Segal.  Thank you for your work.  I have two versions of Love Story's theme on my iPod, Arthur Fiedler's and Henry Mancini's.  It seems funny to think of Tommy Lee Jones as the inspiration for Ryan O'Neal's character.

For as many times as car dealerships have screwed their customers, this one should admit it made a mistake and move on.  Not try and get an additional $7,000 two weeks later because of a "clerical error".

Oh yeah!  Oh yeah!  Oh yeah!!!!   Unfortunately, it's going to be on Fox.  You know, the people who canceled Firefly and Dollhouse because they didn't get "it".  And John Barrowman might reprise his role as Capt. Jack Harkness.  Yippee!  It's a shame about Ianto, I had already decided to name my next dog Ianto. Yanto, easy to say, difficult to spell.

Can anyone tell that I'm completely fed up with politics?


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