Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Why, Why, Why?

Why is it okay for for the financial "gurus" to receive millions of dollars in bonuses after making so many mistakes that the economy of the US still hasn't recovered from, but it isn't okay for teachers or any union member to make $75K to 100K teaching children how to read and write?  For some reason unions send the almost never right into spasms of impotent fury, could it be because they're jealous that collective bargaining provides some measure of protection from arbitrary firings and ensures that workers get benefits and a decent living wage? Do they mind that the police and fire departments are unionized? Curious minds want to know.

Why is it that whenever I put something away for safekeeping that I can never find it again?

Why are doctors trying to fix something that clearly can't be fixed?  Are they sure it wasn't just gas?  If he had a heart I could understand, but he doesn't.  Obviously death panels don't exist, since Cheney has used more than his fair share of government provided health care.
But voters quickly sniff out what this means. The government will use the "science" of comparative effectiveness research to achieve cost savings the only way government can: denial of care. The Soviet medical system kept down the heart disease caseload by placing cardiac care units on the fifth floor, walk up. Death panels, anyone?
A majority of Americans want the public option, why is it that the mainstream media and Republicans not only think otherwise, but repeatedly try to marginalize everyone that does?


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