Monday, September 06, 2010


Lest we forget, it really is all about taking and no giving.Twenty nine years later and the only thing that's changed (other than the hair and dress styles) is that more people are either unemployed or overworked, for less pay of course, while the powers that be continue to rake in profits and bonuses based on the fruits of the their employees efforts.

The Republican meme is to demonize the unions and the masses eat it up, never realizing that it was the unions that made it possible to have a home, health care, send their kids to college, enjoy the occasional vacation and have a nice retirement.  You know something is really wrong when the owners and CEOs make 236 times what their employees do and then said employees bitch about how much union workers make and that it's okay for the people in the ivory towers live high on the hog.



  1. what do you suggest? communism? attempts to form social justice and same level of salaries had failed few times already. such system does not go good with human being nature.

  2. It's closer to over 400 times what we make.