Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Wednesday Observations 2/21/07

Have you ever wondered when to replace common household items? I posted the condiment link previously and now here's another great way to tell when some items have outlived their usefulness.

Have you seen the George Takei public service announcement for Tim Hardaway? Chocolaty head, glazed with man sweat? Priceless. H/T to Stealthbadger.

I loved Jim Carrey's impression of David Caruso the other night. This might be where he got his inspiration. One right after another.

Sex toys are not like prostitution. For several reasons that don't need to be enumerated. This country and it's relationship with sex is strange. Very strange.

Of course, our preoccupation with not getting older is rather interesting, and futile in the end. I guess it's all about the appearance of youth, without the trauma.

I doubt it, for reasons that I stated before.

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