Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Who Crowned Him King?

Have I mentioned lately how sick I am of Kos? He does not speak for me and probably never will. I do not link to him, I do not read him and if I accidentally click on a link that takes me to one of his pages, I'm gone as soon as I see the orange. I read him in the beginning, but then I grew up. He is an arrogant know it all who has grown way too big for his britches. Today's article in the WaPo did nothing to disabuse me of that notion. And yes, I am a Liberal, except for when I'm not.

There are plenty of problems that need to be addressed and trying to take down a representative that has done so much good, but disagrees with you on one issue is a foolish waste of time and money. It is extremely shortsighted in that we need to move past one issue voting. Has she done the job that her district elected her to do? Yes. Did she vote the way I think (and wish) she should have voted on some important issues? No. Does every candidate vote the way I want them to, all the time? No. Has she admitted she made a mistake? Yes. The whole picture needs to be considered, otherwise we will end up with the same type of one trick pony representatives like Ted Stevens or Jim Inhofe and the country is a little tired of that.

Let's devote our energy to something constructive such as acting like grownups and ensuring that the 2008 election truly represents a majority of the people, not just the privileged few, left or right. We don't want to exchange one master for another. We need balance. Which I believe was the original idea behind the Constitution.

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