Saturday, May 05, 2007

Sinko De Saturday

When Saddam Hussein was in power, these kinds of things didn't happen in Iraq. Stoned in public. Nobody lifted a finger to help save this girl. The quality of life for women has markedly decreased since Bush decided to bring freedom and democracy to the country. Sort of like the United States, which should be a clue to the people of the US, but we since our national perception is such that only a certain type of foreigner should receive respect, this incident won't be considered important. It's just those people. Nobody deserves to die that way and most especially, a seventeen year old girl.

All of a sudden two of Greasemonkey scripts started working in Blogger, they had been out of commission since the Beta switch. Both the Technorati tag and the large post editor scripts are working again, but I don't need the tag one anymore. Hmm, that probably means that the large template editor is working again, now that I'm pretty much done with futzing with the template. It is so nice to use the full screen again.

Canine sizist. That's a good one. While Shai is classified as a toy dog, at twenty-two pounds of solid muscle (the vet said she wouldn't be bigger than 14 pound!) and a don't mess with me attitude because all I want is to get you to pet me, she is not a yapper and doesn't understand why the Rottweiler next door is scared of her. It's pretty funny to watch. everybody else around here has Chihuahas, and they yap just to hear themselves yap. There are two toy poodles on the other side of us, they bark just as much as the yappers. Shai gets irritated by it, voices her opinion and then goes inside where it's quiet. Me loves her.

I hate my cellphone, it just sucks. I got this one in May and used up my rebate. The battery life on standby is really good but heaven forbid I should talk on it. So, I couldn't stand it anymore and decided to get a new one. I can't afford to cancel Verizon and pay three termination fees, I'm pretty much stuck with them. Their phones are ugly, featureless and way too expensive. The first Verizon store I went to, the sales guy didn't even try to sell me a new phone, he was too busy trying to tell me that I would have to pay full price (which I already knew since I had just told him that I had used my rebate on phone I hated) and never asked me what I didn't like about the phone or what I was looking for. I then went to Circuit City and their selection sucked. Plus, the guy didn't know squat about Rev A. I told him I was thinking about upgrading and he says "that is only for the computer." Noo, really? He couldn't answer any of my questions. I just might switch to AT&T and get an iPhone.

Wal-Mart will have nun of that. A security thereat? When people get too big for their britches, they get really paranoid. I guess Wal-mart is afraid that the truth will set someone free. Like their serfsemployees.

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