Friday, May 04, 2007

Friday Morning Quickie

Too tragic for words. There is no way that anyone could understand the tragedy and despair of this accident. My heart goes out to the family, nobody should ever have to suffer this much. Twice. Life can be so cruel.

If there is any justice in the world, Paris should go to jail. If the state of Texas can keep innocent people locked up for years under the guise of violating their parole or probation, Ms. Hilton should also serve her time. And she's guilty. Flagrantly.

Bush is planning the third veto of his presidency. Somehow it's okay to want to protect a brain dead woman from dying in peace, but it isn't okay to protect people from hate crimes that are based on gender or sexual orientation. I'm sure this would change if there were marauding gangs of lesbian attacking wimpy white men for being stupid. I'll bet he'd be demanding Congress pass a bill for him to sign that would make that crime eligible for the death penalty. If the clergy was preaching love and tolerance instead of hate and violence, this wouldn't be an issue.

Has anyone else noticed that the media is starting to use more photos of Bush that portray him as not quite, shall we say, smart? Lately almost every photo I see of him, has his mouth gapiing open like a fish. Definitely makes it look like he is a few IQ points shy of a 100.

A woman who could have been my sister in law but not anymore, introduced me to Limoncello. Now Danny DeVito has his very own brand. If I drink it, does this mean George Clooney will come hang out with me?

Ten important signs that your job sucks.

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