Thursday, May 03, 2007

Thursday's Irritants

The babbling bush is ...babbling again. The heat is on, the citizens are restless, it must be time for ...the bogeyman. Bush must feel like he's in trouble, time to drag out the old standby, al-Qaeda. Yes, it seems they are responsible for the mess in Iraq, not that we botched the whole debacle. Oh no, no responsibility for underarmored vehicles, undertrained troops or underestimating the enemy. Bush is so afraid of accountability that if he cuts himself while shaving he probably blames the mirror guy.

I'm still irritated by the Democrats joining the crew without a clue. Now Pelosi says the administration should get a clue. That's rich.

My preference would be for them to say "don't let the screen door hit you in the ass", but then I'm no longer a member of the GOP. Republicans are more likely than the Democrats to kiss it instead and we've seen how little time it takes for them to be persuaded.

I was looking at all the new "tanning" products just the other day. Bronzing, glowing, whatever. It's marketing. A new way to spend money that could be spent on eating healthier foods is now being wasted on artificial, skin clogging products to give the illusion of looking healthy. All in the name of beauty. And then they think that some young women are indulging in risky behavior because they use the products and still get a tan by way of the sun or a tanning bed. Of course they have issues. These are probably the same women who have to have breast implants to feel good.

Bonuses for the incompetent. Why am I not surprised? The veterans themselves have to fight for what should rightfully theirs, but just like in corporate America, those at the top get benefits they don't deserve and those who actually do the work get bupkis. Lose sensitive data, turn in bogus incorrect accounting reports and delay or ignore that the veterans they were supposed to be helping and you are still eligible for a hefty bonus.

How much longer can America take the double standards of this administration? If it continues, there will be very little left of the country that our forefathers fought and died for.

Oh look, even those who are supposed to be eligible for the Hometown Heroes Act, aren't. Paper pushing is rewarded, heroism isn't. Society and civilization are declining in this country and it isn't because of the average American. It's because the have mores, just have to have more. And a pat on the back to boot. Even when it isn't deserved.

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