Friday, April 07, 2006

Can I Have an Amen?

One of my more than "6" readers voiced his opinion on the idea of me giving up the only venue I have for speaking my mind without somebody interrupting me, and I went to their page and found this! Gives me an excellence to shoot for and I feel exactly the same way about his conclusions. My blog isn't going anywhere, I like voicing my opinion and the fact that some people share some of it gives me hope and helps to soothe an open wound.
P!: "
I have some advice for liberal, 'progressive', Democrats. Stop blaming Ralph Nader for John Kerry's crappy performance at the 2004 polls. Stop blaming third parties. Stop blaming the people who voted in step with their conscience for 3rd parties. Stop blaming people who did not vote, believing that elections are fixed or manipulated by big money. They are. Start working for democracy instead! Imagine! The educated, wealthy, well-healed, Heinz ketchup fortune, two-time Purple Heart recipient, candidate John Kerry, was unable to defeat a candidate who stumbled over his own words, and who could not prove participating in his military service. John Kerry lost to a candidate that had his inept lines supposedly pumped into his ear via a hidden radio device during the 'debates'. Way to go John! I am sorry, but I have no sympathy for liberal, 'progressive', Democrats whose candidates do not enthuse and whose ideas are much like their opponent. Ralph Nader was not the problem in the 2000 election. It was Al Gore who won the election and then rolled over and played dead, and the Democratic Party played dead along with him for seven years. Ralph Nader was not the problem in 2004 either. John Kerry was. And Ralph Nader is not the problem now. The problem was, and is, the Democratic Party, and its candidates, like John Kerry, who try to out-Bush George Bush. John Kerry voted for the Iraq war. That makes him no better than his opponent. John Kerry turned his back on his antiwar veteran comrades. He smote his buddies, the Winter Soldiers, in an attempt to win the election. Shame on you John. Democrats prefer practicality, and it doesn't matter much if it comes in the form of betrayal. How does such betrayal make John Kerry any different than George W. Bush? Brian S. Willson states it clearly in his 'Dear John' letter to John Kerry. See also a pictorial comparison of Kerry and Bush at my website. And the Democrats will do it again with Hillary Clinton in 2008 . . ."

Was that a great paragraph or what? The rest of the article it originally came from rocks as well. Thanks P!

I won't quit! Thanks for the inspiration and support. I have a mission that needs to be completed and I will find a way.

Still open to useful suggestions though.

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