Friday, April 07, 2006

How Else will your house know to order groceries?

The times they are a changing.
Google aims to track users with wi-fi - Financial Times - "The company hopes to defray the costs of offering a free service through contextual advertising. Analysts have speculated that the San Francisco bid could be a prelude to Google seeking to extend its reach into localities nationwide.

It is already planning a free wi-fi network by the summer covering the city of Mountain View, where its headquarters is based, and the San Francisco service may be up and running by the end of the year.

Google says users linking up with wi-fi transmitters placed around cities can be located to within a couple of blocks. This would open up a new level of advertising opportunities for the company, allowing it to serve tightly focused ads on its web pages from small businesses in the immediate area.

The bid to blanket-cover San Francisco with cheap internet access is part of a broader move towards municipal wireless networks by big US cities.

Philadelphia became the first major US city to begin construction of a citywide wireless network when it signed a deal with Earthlink earlier this year.

Other big cities such as Chicago, Boston and Austin have announced their own wireless network plans.

Experts have warned, however, that the free wireless model remains unproven and may not offer the best solution for smaller cities and towns addressing the 'digital divide' to promote economic development."
I would rather shop locally if possible (have you seen the price of gas lately?) I'm not happy being tracked like a trained monkey, but at this point it wouldn't surprise me that they really want to use the free wifi so they can track anyone they wanted at anytime.

Privacy should be important, to everyone under every circumstances.

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