Sunday, April 23, 2006

Surgery and Thyroid

It seems that there is one more little hitch to go along with my surgery. My thyroid no longer works consistently. One minute it is in manic overdrive, the next I am so cold and can't stay awake.

There is so much work to be done, a lot of planning needs to occur and I can't stay awake long enough to concentrate. No matter how many times this has been explained to the people around me, they continue to act as if I still had full control of my faculties and that if I just try a little harder it will all work out.

I have asked for help with this situation, especially since the doctor called me twice this week and wants to make sure she sees me on Monday. I guess my second series of tests were worse than the first. She wants me to go to an endincrinologist right away. Guess I'll fit that right in on Monday with becoming homeless.

I need another nap, but I also need to load the motorhome. I'm so tired, we sold nothing in the apartment, so I will call some battered women's shelter and see if they need furniture, computer (XP Pro) and clothing.

I just know this isn't what my father wanted for his wife. I'd stake my life on it.

Sort of doing that anyway, aren't I?

Need to sleep. At least the reduction looks beautiful. I really do need some help, thank God for the kindness of strangers.

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