Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Pain, OMG The Pain

As some of you may be aware, I fell and hurt myself just before my reduction. While everyone was concerned with the huge fluid filled bump on my knee, the real damage was in my foot. Specifically the joint of the big toe where it connects with the foot.

It has been over two months, the reduction healed within the first few weeks, but the toe lingers on. I had a cortisone shot 6 weeks ago and the pain finally went away. I returned to the podiatrist, he took X-rays and determined that I probably need surgery but if I wear a soft cast for a month, have another cortisone shot and the swelling might be relieved enough that I won't need surgery.

Well, let me tell you I had no pain when I went to said doctor and now I would rate my pain level at a steady 7 out of 10. How is this making me better? I can't survive on the paltry amount that Worker's Comp has condescended to give me. Plus, I'm in major pain and the cast weighs more than it looks and is hard to walk in. As I sit here typing, it just throbs.

Who knew?

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