Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Saving The Taxpayer's Money

As the old saying goes, God giveth and God taketh away. - Money - Reports: Enron's Ken Lay Dies Of Massive Heart Attack: "HOUSTON -- Former Enron Corp. chairman Ken Lay died of a massive heart attack, according to broadcast reports.

Houston TV station KPRC and CNN both reported that Lay's death was confirmed Wednesday.

Lay, 64, was admitted to the Aspen Valley Hospital overnight with a massive coronary, according to KPRC.

Doctors said his heart simply 'gave out' and the death was unexpected.

Lay was found guilty on May 25 on six counts of conspiracy to commit securities and wire fraud in a case born from one of the biggest business scandals in U.S. history.

He was to be sentenced on Sept. 11."
Fear is a powerful emotion and is the province of the Kidney. Part of the Kidney's job in TCM is to cool the Heart. Fear prevents this by preventing the Kidney from doing its job. As the fear ratchets up, the Heart is under more and more strain, unable to relax. A feedback loop ensues while at the same time involving the Spleen which is responsible for rumination (any type of repetitive thinking or obsessive behavior). The Spleen is the child of the Heart and the Controller of the Kidney. The more you worry, the more stress you put on the Kidney/Heart interactions and eventually the Kidney gives out and the Heart flares with uncontrolled fire. If you ever spend time around a recent heart attack patient you might notice the scent of burnt wood. It isn't your imagination.

Either way, justice has been served. A massive heart attack that doesn't kill you immediately is a very scary thing since your brain keeps working for as long as it has oxygen and you are very aware that something is really wrong. To say nothing of the physical pain.

Jeff Skilling must be feeling very alone right now.

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