Thursday, October 12, 2006

Opposites Are Interesting

As the Foley scandal continues to deviate from investigating his predatory sexual instincts to who knew what and when, I find my favorite piece of snark in the WaahPoo.
Van Der Meid is the relative newcomer -- he came to the speaker's office after guiding the ethics committee's probe of then-House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-Ga.). Known by some as the mayor of the House, Van Der Meid has the institutional knowledge of the chamber's customs. He handles legal matters but has been known to intervene angrily on a shade of carpet or which paintings to hang on the Capitol's walls.
Meow! Meanwhile back in the heartland, Passion Parties are the new rage and the conversations at these women only events embarassed the male reporter. Locker room talk is nowhere near as graphic as women when they get started. One of the conversations was quite interesting because it shows a differing view of gays.
But they do loosen up a little, and begin cracking a few jokes about vibrators and talking about where to go for a bachelorette outing the next weekend.

Somebody suggests Shaft, a gay nightclub in St. Joseph. “I like it there. The gay guys know how to dance, they’re fun, and they don’t try to pick you up.”
So very true. I'm going to have do some research on that Pulsating Orbiter though.

Yesterday I saw two different headlines. The first one was "Are men smarter than women?" This was followed by "Men will delay emergency room visits for a good game." Hmm, I guess common sense wasn't a factor in the study.

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