Wednesday, January 24, 2007

For This I Went To College

Since I am barely able to pay basic living expenses (rent, food, water and heat), contributing money to a health care savings account so I can get a tax break is ridiculous. To put it mildly.

In the real world, the one that I and quite a few unfortunate Americans currently occupy, I would have to be making quite a bit more before I could get to the point where it would be worth living without something else that the crew without a clue and their disconnected brethren take for granted to start contributing, I mean paying a new tax for services that will be poorly and inefficiently rendered. Like new clothes, shoes, a decent haircut, the 60,000, 90,000 and timing belt replacement services for my car that haven't been done, car insurance and registration since I live in an area with poor public transportation to get me to the job that pays me less than I earned in 1986. Then you can add in phone and yes I do have internet, but there has to be a little bit of fun in this life, doesn't there?

I don't have cable or a big screen HDTV (13 inch regular!), no game consoles, no credit or credit cards, no stereo system and very little need for excitement. I lead a nice quiet life that I can't afford. Funny how that worked out. So, of course I believe that this latest tax scheme will benefit the people who can't afford health insurance now.

I grew up as a military brat and I've had really nice health insurance. When push comes to shove, it is the quality of the people providing the care. Period. The way to fix the health care system is not to tax people for poor service (why should I be held accountable for my practitioner's preferences? The average consumer doesn't have a medical degree, that's why they go to the doctor!) but to get back to the basics of providing preventative care and stop being a crisis society. We have an extreme national tendency to dig a well long after we are thirsty, lock the barn door after the horse has been stolen, etc.

For some reason we have managed to outsource major portions of medical care, including consideration and compassion, we are even trying to outsource the patients to different countries, and then we wonder why the system is large, unwieldy, inefficient, biased, expensive, and ineffective.

I've wanted to be a doctor since I was three years old. Health care today is nothing but a pale reflection of itself.



  1. How sad is to heard that. But as you know all veterans are still fighting for their own lives and Mr. President cares more about iraqui people than our own inmmates.

    I really love how you've rolled the NEO. Looks kool and elegant even with the silver nabvar.

  2. It took a lot of doing, but I changed that navbar and now I just have to get Blogroll to fit in neatly, without the extra line.

    I have not a clue as to what I'm doing and I hope I never have to reproduce how I did it, because it was trial and error, cut and paste.


  3. You know how the kids learn, do you?. It's always trail and error.
    We can interchange info for tweaking our blogs. I will tell you how did I collapsed my blogroll as soon as you post a new comment in my blog. Take care.