Tuesday, January 23, 2007

If Wishes Were Horses, Beggars Would Ride

Of course wishing won't make the war go away. I've tried and it's still here. So is the crew without a clue and all of daddy's little girls.. They really do think we are stupid and that they are superior. They have sacrificed absolutely nothing, but have no qualms about having others give to the last drop, and then expect them to like it. Iraq never was, and more importantly, never will be a good idea. Doesn't matter how many times or how stridently it is repeated, you will never convince the American people that this debacle was worth it. Never.

Of course their brains are different and the crew without a clue is definitely lacking in activity in the posterior superior temporal sulcus region of the brain. People who give, look at life a different way. It would be nice if a majority of humanity could evolve in the same direction. Unfortunately there is always the other side of the coin, the yin yang thing. Balance, a state we have yet to achieve.

Tighter that a nun's knickers. Now that was a new one for me and just what I want in my iPhone. I don't use half the capabilities of my current phone, I use the stuff on my iPod so I don't normally need second party apps.

Forget the vets. Yes, once again the crew without a clue takes away from the veterans access to services when they need them the most. Can these guys be anymore obvious that they really want a feudal society?

I have to download 24 to iTunes, it doesn't come through on the antenna and Heroes was fuzzy . Oh well.

Cauliflower gratin. Yum. Maybe that will be part of tonight's dinner.

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