Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Gaming The Truth

Who would have thought that the press guy would try and be the most honest (relatively speaking) person in the room? To the point of elaborating on the truth to protect himself. Too bad the reporter he thought he was talking to doesn't recall him saying everything he testified to.

While we're on the subject, have you taken the Smart or Stoopid test? It's a quick little I.Q. test for fun that isn't supposed to be accurate, but it was.

Now that we've cured cancer.

When I watch drug ads on television, all I can think of is how stupid they think people are. The commercials usually have very little to do with the supposed problem and the side effects certainly don't match the artificial reality that is created. After hearing the term "anal leakage" why would you care what it treated? No condition could possibly be as bad as that side effect. It's bad enough looking like crap, you shouldn't have to wear it. But now you can badger your doctor into giving you this medication you wouldn't have known about along with a prescription for a four hour woody and a little something to help you get to sleep. If you hadn't been at Fourbucks after 2 pm that probably wouldn't be an issue either.

Somehow, I knew they were already doing this. As one might expect, I have many problems with the FBI arbitrarily tracking my internet usage (and I don't visit suspect sites because they don't interest me), not the least of which is the incompetence that has been displayed so far regarding personal information and the government's handling of it. It makes one wonder why they are able to do this but not able to come up with a computer system that integrates their databases or track real terrorists and their disciples. They aren't nearly as efficient as they show on CSI or Numb3rs.

Has anyone seen or heard from that Osama been deliberately mistaken for Obama guy lately? Are we looking? Thought not.

Hat tip to Main and Central for this gem about the administration dropping 30,000 injured veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan from the rolls. Support those troops! If you don't like the numbers, change the definition. Next thing you know, they will change the benefits for veterans to exclude those that weren't hurt in direct combat. 50,000 injured and wounded sounds a little low and they are making it hard to get reliable information on the subject, now they have scrubbed the page altogether. These guys just never stop, they're like Pac-Man, eating up information in a hopefully futile effort to manipulate the game to their advantage.

Because that is all it is to them, a game. These people didn't have real lives or families according to the administration, otherwise they wouldn't have been in a war zone. They would have real jobs, like being a political appointee.


  1. I love the drug ads that never get around to mentioning what the hell the drug is for. Doesn't seem like terrific marketing to me, but that's why I pay a fortune for health care I guess.

  2. I love how the drug ads convince people they need to fix a certain symptom instead of a lifestyle. You can abdicate responsibility for your whole life in the course of an evening while being told that this is normal.

    When I was a kid if you needed drugs to get through the day, they called you an addict. Why is this any different?