Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Significant Market Failure

Upon reading the latest attempt by the Bush administration to consolidate power and thwart the Constitution one more time, a few things sprang to mind.

One, does this sound like the behavior of people who are planning to give up power any time in the near future? Consolidating power and then leaving it for the next guy or gal, I don't think so. Especially given the current politcal climate, unless something drastic occurs, it will be a Democratic President.

Two, what happened to the party of smaller government? A whole new layer of political bureaucracy, appointees to oversee and ensure that there is the proper information released (or held) at the proper time. Who's paying for all this? Are they going to wear uniforms? Or just armbands?

Three, another recess appointment? Sheesh, one would think Bush had a habit of nominating incompetent people into positions of authority. Like his picks can't get by on their own merits. If they were people of color, someone would be screaming something about preferential hiring practices.

Four, just how many exemptions will the White House issue? As with most of their so called plans, you know they forgot something that will affect a significant donor. Plus, their definition of emergency seems to differ from the average person. Which makes them having more influence over health and safety a very scary issue. Almost frightening.


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  1. Believe it or not, this little piece of subterfuge has a precedent. Bush the First convened an unconstitutional 'Council on Competitiveness' headed by Dan Quayle, the purpose of which was to evaluate the economic impact of laws and decide whether or not to enforce them.