Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Wednesday Whining

Another fake secret diary. This one is for Steve Jobs and just as I found it, he says he isn't going to do it anymore. Friggtard! I guess I'll have to read Hillary's or Fitz's, but my favorite will always be Darth.

We all know how tired I am of the 2008 Presidential election and that I thought I should throw my hat into the ring. Now we all can.

Duh! Of course my dog manipulates me. I am well trained and she is a master at getting what she wants. Shai Shai is sleeping underneath the covers, up against my leg, snoring away. If I suddenly gained the ability to read minds, I would want to able to read hers, to make sure that I am providing what she needs. In return, she loves me. Unconditionally and preferably before I brush my teeth in the morning.

The ten most misspelled (misused) words on blogs. I've caught a few of these, irritates me every time I let one slip into print.

Speaking of running for President, one of my all time favorites was Pat Paulsen. What's not to like about a candidate whose slogan once was "I've upped my standards, now up your's"? He made a great table wine also.

Speaking of up your's, tying the minimum wage to tax breaks for a small (who are they trying to kid? A small business should be defined as one required to file as an individual or very small corporation) business that makes 10 million a year is just ...well you know the term I'm thinking of. More posturing so they can do the bidding of their real masters. Just like with the bankruptcy bill, paying absolutely no attention to the constituents that voted for them, just the ones who lined their pockets.

By way of Donkephant, a great audio on why Verizon can't do math. The Verizon guy is totally clueless. They screwed up and can't admit it.


  1. *laugh* Yep. Whining for sure!

    Your comment on a business grossing (check the original article) $10 million, which means the owner *may* have netted $100K for a lot more risk than most folks have in their jobs, is naive. With labor normally being 1/3 of the expenses($3.3M) in restaurants, raising the cost of labor by almost 40%($1.3M) just put you out of business. Just a sign of how risky running a small business can be if folks who know nothing about business can bankrupt you with a stroke of a pen.

  2. I feel no sympathy at all. The tax writeoffs they (and I) have enjoyed are something that those on the lower end of the pay scale cane never enjoy. When you can write off a good portion of your meals, your car, your insurance, etc. 100K in profit, really is.

    I suppose you think that making 39.9B in profit is okay. How much profit do people need? And why does it always have to be at the expense of those without privilege?