Monday, January 22, 2007

Site Maintenance

Again. This should be the last time for a while, or until I get bored again. I'm still trying to get a spiderweb graphic up, but it has not been successful. So far.

Many thanks to Ramani at Hackosphere, this is a collaboration between his new Neo template, the old Lefty Stretch by Dennis Bowman and yours truly. I'm responsible for the colors and the add ons.

The blog loads one post at a time when you first enter. If you click on a category (still working on the cloud), only posts related to that label appear in the second sidebar ....and nothing else changes on the page. No more waiting for the whole page to reload, it's all there. The same thing happens if you click on a post title. Post appears, everything else stays the same. Comments show up too. If I ever get 10 comments, they will roll over to a new page, leaving the newest on the top.

No more waiting for Sitemeter or Statcounter or Blogflux (what a nightmare they have become), I put them at the bottom of the page and they load last, you won't see them unless you are looking for them. Profile information also.

Hopefully this will speed up the blog since most of the javascript is gone. Play with it and please let me know what you think. Since I did this on a Mac using Firefox I have not a clue how it looks to IE users.

Lookiing forward to hearing from you, be gentle.

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  1. Hello, this is Jacob from Blog Flux. I would ask that you e-mail me at web {at} so we may help you with any issues that you have. We are currently in the process of doing a massive update to the site in terms of functionality and design. Anyway, I look forward to receiving an e-mail from you :)