Thursday, February 01, 2007

Thursday Thoughts

Woohoo! Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is being released on July 21. I'm going to take a big leap here and assume that they mean this year. Good. It will give mom something to look forward to.

So we say that we want people to become citizens and legal residents, then we make it difficult and expensive and wonder why we have so many illegal aliens. 905 dollars to get a green card. Yup, those dishwashers, busboys and maids will be all over that. A whole month's salary, from a job that they aren't supposed to have, to let the government know they like this country and want to stay. Most Americans don't want to pay the $67 fee for a passport but we expect newcomers to come up with quite a bit more. Somehow I don't think this is going to raise as much money as they planned. Does the administration really think through all of the plans they propose? It's hard to tell which is worse, plan or no plan. Hopefully this one won't cost us human lives.

I guess taking a walk through the Georgetown neighborhood is out, unless I want to be stopped for walking while black. They actually meant breathing but it isn't polite to say so. I wonder if this applies to those people who are over 6'5" since they obviously have a reason to be there.

They've been discussing Gavin Newsom's latest peccadillo on the radio this morning. What is it about good looking men and the lack of will power they exhibit around the opposite sex while they're in office? Every time something like this happens, I think of how useful the Stephanie March character in Head of State could be at preventing scandals. Supposedly Gavin is going to be on KFOG next week, he will get a lot of ribbing from the crew and the Fogheads. Should be fun.

The city of Boston needs to take a chill pill and reevaluate their overreaction, it's hard to believe they could look stupider than yesterday, but they managed.

My favorite blue cheese. Yum, yum. Used to be my favorite dishwasher, too.

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  1. They've been discussing Gavin Newsom's latest peccadillo on the radio this morning.

    Though...on the other hand, we now know for certain that Gav's not gay. After all that was the speculation after his divorce from...what was her name...Kimberly?

    Of course, Gavin's not being gay might hurt his chances in the next election.