Sunday, February 18, 2007

Supporting The Troops, Pt. 2

By the time I read the article, 96 other blogs had posted on the ridiculous frakking bushit that is called outpatient treatment for our injured troops at Walter Reed. As you can imagine, my blood is boiling, my head is pounding and my teeth are gritted.

How can this situation be tolerated? Why are our recovering soldiers living in conditions that rival the ghetto? In a third world country. I am deeply ashamed that we have failed those who did as they were ordered, giving life and limb for their country, only to be treated as annoyances and inconveniences upon their return. The Paris Hilton method of loyalty. Once broken, no longer needed.

I love this country, but lately have become concerned about our lack of human decency, of our inability to empathize with others, our bizarre belief that those who are not "perfect" deserve to suffer. For the last week, this country and its media have been riveted by the story of one dead woman. As tragic as that may be for her family and friends, many others have suffered the same fate since then and have not been accorded one iota of attention. Many other families have been irrevocably altered by the events in Iraq and barely get a mention on their local news. Meanwhile, CNN and ABC want us to know that Britney's drapes now match the carpet. What's up with that?

Supporting the troops means more than a bumper sticker on your car. It means that you bug your Representatives, your Senators and your Governors until the troops get competent help. Perhaps the obstructionist Republicans will finally hear the people who elected them and start working with other members of Congress to do something constructive, instead of posturing and pandering about a war that is not supported by their constituents.

One other thing about the article disturbed me. Why are the National Guard and Reserves separated from the so called "regular" Army? Injuries incurred in the defense of your country, or even in our current predicament, should be covered equally. Neither the Iraqis or the Taliban see a difference, why should we?



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