Monday, February 05, 2007

Lazy Monday

One of the things that doctors fail to understand, is that when you have a terminal illness, when you can feel your body shutting down, waiting for Stage II and III trials doesn't seem like much of an option. What a patronizing, arrogant jerk. I believe in the scientific method, but his tone makes me grateful he isn't my doctor.

It isn't the SiteKey that's flawed, it's the people using it. Most people will give out personal information for a little reward, so it shouldn't be a surprise that they disregard the security precautions in what they probably thought was a secure environment.

I missed the whole BlogRoll Amnesty day thing. What arrogant, incestuous puppies! I don't have any of the so-called biggies on my roll because I don't read their sites any more. I have Atrios on Google Reader, but I don't even bother with Dkos. I prefer the elegant thinkers and writers that I link to, not the ranters and rooters whose egos are bigger than their ideas. Open thread that.

2.9 trillion dollars. Wow! That's almost real money. Take from those who don't have and give to an exercise in futility. Who needs education and health care when you have a service sector job and no hope of advancement? Oh well, there's always prison. You can be a guard or an inmate. The military should be drafting replacement bullet stoppers soon, that would solve the retirement issue.

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  1. When my Dad was dying of cancer, it would make my mom very angry when she was trying to get alternative medicine for my dad and the doctors acted like a bunch of pompous self-righteous jackasses.