Sunday, February 04, 2007

Sunday Morning Musings

Are you looking for a job? For the next fifty years? You can sort this chart by projected growth, hourly wage, schooling or need.

Things get bad. The end of the world according to the different religions.

After the brouhaha over the Beanertown Bunker Buster, can fear of the Proton Distortion Device be far behind?

How do I think Apple will react to Vista? Short answer: with something else that Microsoft will try and copy.

Nice first two paragraphs before devolving into stupidity. Staying won't help and Americans are tired of donating American lives to a lost cause. Yes, it is going to get worse in Iraq. Whether we stay or go, so I vote for go.

Those of us who didn't march lockstep with the crew without a clue saw the handwriting on the wall before we invaded a sovereign country that had nothing to do with September 11, weapons of mass destruction or exporting of terrorism. Af. Afghan something. I think that was where we were supposed to be looking to get that guy Osama something. It's been so long since anybody cared that I've almost forgotten his name.

But hey, let's keep destroying our military in a useless and fruitless exercise of imperial power. No wonder this country is so fond of Viagra.

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