Saturday, February 17, 2007

Silly Saturday

Hmm, I guess I'm making up for somebody, because I have bought more than 22 songs off of iTunes. Then there are the tv shows. And I still have 20 GB of free memory left. My first computer only had a 5 GB hard drive ...and was much bigger.

Teaching children to go outside and play, what a concept. I didn't know kids needed to be taught, what a shame. On the other hand, it also shows what a good influence the media can have on lifestyle. Sportacus inspired a 22% increase in the purchase of fruits and vegetables. Now, that's impressive, also quite ingenious.

Carl, at Simply Left Behind, has a great snark on the passing of the co-creator of the remote control. Then there are the people who fail to use the most important power of the remote. The ability to skip the commercials.

1 comment:

  1. The ability to skip the commercials.

    That for me is what makes Tivo, or any PVR for that matter, really a killer appliance. My only problem is that digitally recorded TV looks so lousy.