Friday, February 09, 2007

Women, War And Warbles

Supporting the troops has never been a priority of the Bush Administration. To the crew without a clue, they are just pawns in a make believe game of Risk. If they considered them to be valuable, they would have attended a few funerals. At least of the officers. Talk is cheap, much cheaper than providing adequate armor, bullets and a successful plan.

Cheap talk comes from Mr. Gates, who believe that we have good evidence that Iran has been supplying weapons and technology to Iraqi insurgents.
Offering some of the first public details of evidence the military has collected, Gates said, "I think there's some serial numbers, there may be some markings on some of the projectile fragments that we found," that point to Iran.
What, no slam dunk? If there are serial numbers, would they also show who the original seller was? Like the US? You either have the evidence or you are making it up as you go along. Inquiring minds want to know how much smoke you are trying to blow up our rear orifices.

My favorite snark article of the year, so far. The dogs of warp line cracked me up, but there are many others in this LA Times eidtorial about the Pelosi plane problem. As they helpfully point out, the crazy train has left the station.

Yes, it definitely has. Will Bunch from Attytood has a great piece on the sudden, tragic death of a young woman. Much more important than the one you are thinking of.

So much for the ridiculous theory that women and science don't get along. Two blows in one week. What was Lawrence Summers smoking when he let that piece of stupidity fly out of his mouth? You have to get to the next to last paragraph before you realize that Dr. Hau is a woman. Who figured out how to drop the speed of light to zero and then reproduce it somewhere else.

24: ATHF. Good for a few snickers, the haha kind.

I love music, it is almost always on. Since I got the iPod, I have even more opportunities to listen to music. Some songs have always evoked a stronger emotion in me than others. I love Flight of the Bumblee and my favorite rendition is by YoYo Ma and Bobby McFerrin. Great stuff. What I find interesting about my favorites, is that they are almost all instrumentals, which is interesting for a classic rocker such as myself. So, in no particular order of preference, just the way they popped out of my memory, are ten of my favorite songs.

1. Marooned by Pink Floyd, possibly one of the loneliest songs I've ever heard
2. Classical Gas by Mason Williams, always makes me feel good when I hear it
3. In The Mood by Glenn Miller, gets me moving every time, great calorie burner
4. Town Without Pity by Ronnie Montrose, another in the lonely category
5. Got To Give It Up by Marvin Gaye, another moving song
6. Miracles by Jefferson Starship, a love song
7. Europa by Gato Barbieri, very romantic
8. Love is Blue by Paul Mariat, romance again
9. Shine on You Crazy Diamond by Pink Floyd, no comment
10. Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2 by Pink Floyd, great in your face song

and two more because I really, really like the lyrics:

11. War by Edwin Starr, hello! how long before we learn?
12. Godzilla by Blue Oyster Cult, same as above.

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