Friday, March 02, 2007

Friday Morning Quickie

Kevin Berger writes an excellent article explaining who and why the different groups are fighting in Iraq. Some people are so passionate about fighting the Americans, that they are breaking out of prisons in other countries so they can be a missionary or martyr for Islam in Iraq. Meanwhile, the 101st Fighting Keyboarders can't be bothered to do more than slap a magnet on their vehicle while they exhort the liberals to go fight a war to prove their loyalty. I see why al-Qaeda thinks they are going to win.

Did you ever wonder how we managed to grow up? No bike helmets, mandatory vaccinations, walked to school by ourselves, brought our bologna lunches with mayo and no refrigeration, how did we ever make it to adulthood? The common cold was just that, common. The only cold medicine I ever got was Sucrets for my throat and VapoRub to help breathe. Overdosing was never a problem, neither was dying. Oh, and we slept in our own beds. Sheesh.

Not a good news story, just the usual crew without a clue botched cover up. These poor troops are going to be under lockdown, worse than basic training. Used, abused and discarded, but nobody is supposed to know about it. Enter, the code of silence enforcer. Would Patton, Eisenhower or MacArthur approve? I doubt it.

I'm really tired today, it's been a super stressful week. Mom has a definite diagnosis of emphysema and small artery disease that is causing parts of her brain to slowly die. Her reasoning processes have always been suspect, but lately they have been out of control. She managed to lose every piece of colored clothes this week. They are gone. All I have left are my underwear and the clothes I was wearing when she decided to do laundry. Then I found out that now she has neither MediCare or Secure Horizons. No health insurance at all. Had it right up until her stroke and now, nothing. I'm really stressed.

Oh well, off to take mom for her blood tests and to pick up her new prescriptions that I can't afford. Lovely.

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  1. Sorry to hear about Mom. It ain't easy when the kid becomes the parent. I've learned that from hard experience.

    Hang in there and drop a line if you need to vent.