Saturday, March 03, 2007

Saturday Morning Quickie

Sorry, I've been really busy lately. I'll do a long post tomorrow. One of my first posts was about these bright high school kids who beat college teams from all over the United States, including MIT, in an underwater robot competition by using ingenuity, determination and a tampon. And then got royally screwed because their parents weren't legal Sins of the father and all that nonsense. The Dream Act would be a step toward justice and common sense. Children should not be punished for their parent's decisions, no matter what their nationality.

The only surprise is that the White House admitted what we already knew. It was political and not particularly in the best interests of the American taxpayers, but they aren't really all that important, are they? Asking Gonzales to investigate is about as helpful as asking a peeping Tom to guard the bedroom window at the Hefner estate.

Excuse me, what other side of the story could there possibly be? There is and never will be an excuse for injured or disabled veterans to live in squalor. Never. Whether in or out of the hospital, there is no excuse. It wasn't the two stories that were the problem, it was what the two stories discovered and pointed out. Those soldiers have already paid a terrible price, the brass should accept responsibility for the mistakes made during their command. They are all too willing to accept the credit when something goes right.

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  1. "Electrode Al" Gonzales could fill up his remaining time as AG by investigating the crimes of the guy he sees in his mirror.

    In much the same way that Condoliesalot Rice is unquestionably the worst Secretary of State in the history of this country, Electrode Al is destined to replace John Mitchell in the pantheon of the pathetic.

    Chimpy likes minorities, all right-just not the same "minorities" most of us think of. Chimpy finds uniquely unqulaified, stupid people, and gives them high-profile, high-responsibility jobs. Really, what are the odds he could have found so many stupid people? They are minorities, no matter about their ethnic backgrounds.