Wednesday, May 16, 2007

In Pain And On Drugs II

Exactly why is this news? Especially now. The NY Times reported this a year and a half ago, and I blogged on it New Years Eve, 2005. Nothing much has changed. At least not as long as you disregard the loss of freedoms for the American people and overlook the bald faced lying of the Bush administration. The kind of lying that your father used to tan your hide for as your mother looked on with that sad expression that let you know just how disappointed your parents were in you. I guess if you're rich, privileged, and your parents have better things to do than ensure that you grow up with morals, the nanny from another country supposedly teaches you the difference between right and wrong. Or that a person in a hospital sick bed shouldn't be disturbed.

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  1. Gonzales Must Resign
    Consistent flagitious behavior derogatory to the Constitution and the American legal system just simply can not be condoned.
    Alberto Gonzales must resign immediatly.
    If need be, Articles of Impeachment should be prepared to assist this rogue Attorney General to accept his shameful behavior and resign.
    -- Craig A. Johnson--