Friday, August 03, 2007

Manhattans Took Me By Storm

Won't be doing that again and for future reference, three is my limit. Hanging with the King (of Zembla, who is suffering from a touch of blogger malaise which hopefully won't turn into Ted Barlow disease), Tom and Generik can be intoxicating. In more ways than one. Catherine from the Poverty Barn is a very gracious and entertaining woman. The guys from Needlenose were there as well as other assorted BARBARians. I believe a fun time was had by all. I hope to attend the next one, but it will be just water for the hour before I leave.

This morning was the annual Kfog local music soirée in San Jose. What a blast. Mom and I went again but this time Gordon Biersch was prepared with food and drink. I scored a gift card for 50 songs and just got done downloading 30 of them. Plus I got the new music sampler that has music from Norah Jones, Amos Lee and others, along with the fourth Local Scene CD which has some really good stuff. My iPod is going to be so happy.

The only thing I can say about the bridge tragedy, is that it was just that. I do not like bridges and schedule my trips to either avoid them or to cross them at a time that won't require that I sit on the bridge because I was stuck in traffic. For many years our infrastructure has been deteriorating but nobody wants to pay to fix it, maybe some minds will be changed. It shouldn't require someone's death to make us contribute more to society but that seems to be what we are comfortable with, which is short-sighted, stupid and shameful.

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