Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Politics, Delusions, Iraq And Scandals

The US Attorney scandal continues to show how the Bush administration was determined to take care of their friends and contributors instead of uphold the law. I don't know why this is such a surprise to me at this point, but the sheer audacity and hubris instead of common sense that is continually displayed by the crew without a clue almost baffles me but then I remember who we're dealing with and realize that it is probably going to get worse instead of better.

Bonehead comment of the morning has to do with the current California budget crisis. Medi-Cal funds have run out and just like in Iraq, the Assembly is on vacation in lieu of fixing the problem. The disabled, elderly and chronically frail, which includes Alzheimer's patients, are to be left with nothing and expected to survive until the Assembly comes back from summer recess. Unfortunately the flaming gasbag from behind the Orange curtain still has a microphone.
Senate Republican Leader Dick Ackerman, R-Irvine (Orange County), said he is not overly concerned about the budget stalemate dragging out weeks or even months longer. He said the state continues to take in tax revenue and most agencies have plenty of money in reserve.

Ackerman said that even if the budget is delayed another month, his goal of cutting spending is worthwhile. "Our goal is to get a responsible budget," he said. "We'd like to get it sooner than later, but I think the most important goal for the people of California is to have a budget that does not spend more than it takes in."
I do hope that nobody in the Legislature is collecting their salary until this crisis is resolved but somehow I doubt they have that much empathy, compassion or ethical principles to deny themselves while others suffer. And yes, I did call (5:33 am) and leave a message expressing my disappointment with his head up his rear stupidity. Nicely of course.

From the last throes to significant progress in two short years. Duck! Cheney offered up his unwanted and very rarely based in reality opinion on several subjects. Of course he is relying on sources he trusts (mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the rightest of them all) to keep himself informed. It's the usual litany of donkey doo; war good, Hillary bad, Scooter has legal bills and needs a job, etc.

Meanwhile back in the real world all hell is breaking loose again. July was a relatively quiet (in other words the MSM didn't report very much) month in Iraq, but the first of August (Happy Birthday baby bro!) is a return to the violence of earlier in the year. So far this morning there are reports of four US troops dead, along with one British soldier and 67 of those Iraqis nobody cares about AND the Sunni Arabs are quitting the government before they go on vacation. The politicians mustn't make as much money over there otherwise they would wait until they came back.

I made the Heirloom Tart for dinner last night. It rocked! I used a different recipe than the one from Epicurious because the goat cheese sounded better. I added black pepper to the prepared crust, rolled it out again and then stuffed the baked crust with fresh basil and thyme from the garden as well as a Cherokee Purple, Ace and Pink Caspian that I picked fresh and sliced within minutes of harvesting. The goat cheese was the only thing I didn't have on hand and added just the right amount of tanginess. Will definitely do this again before the end of the summer. Yum!

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