Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Too Sweet

Jeepers! The Dark Wraith was on a roll when he wrote this one. I loved the whole thing, but one paragraph in particular describes how He feels (actually the whole article does that) and it definitely reflects my thoughts on the matter. I wish I could be so eloquent.
want government off my back, and I want it off yours, too, if you're an average person. I don't want creeps listening to my phone calls like I'm some kind of terrorist; I don't want airport security perverts using their high-tech machines to look under women's and girls' panties; I don't want the government's massive law-enforcement screw-ups being used as an excuse to make my life less free; I don't want wars that don't kill the people who need to die (while killing lots of people—including American soldiers—who don't deserve it); I want law enforcement to be a hammer on bad people, while knowing the difference between bad people and the vast majority of us who aren't bad people; and I want the government to tax adequately without going mad, while spending carefully without hurting good programs and needy people, especially kids.
I've known for years that exercise doesn't make you skinny,but it certainly helps from getting fatter. I used to do the elliptical machine for 45 minutes and lift weights for 45. Then I would reward myself with a good sweat in the sauna and go on about my day. I didn't lose an ounce but I was healthier. The only time exercise has ever worked for me is if it is done before 10 in the morning. That seems to reset my metabolism to a more efficient model. And unlike what he finally says in this article, intimating that exercise might make us fatter, I don't eat directly after exercise. I prefer to wait a few hours and that works best in the morning, which might be why I lose weight that way. I don't seem to have as much willpower as the day wears on.

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