Monday, October 08, 2007

Money, Money

Ian Walsh from The Agonist has an excellent and well thought out post on the economic winners and losers during the Bush administration. I have to disagree on the medical industry. Plenty of doctors went out of business or had to consolidate in order to survive. The insurance and pharmaceutical companies swallowed most of the profits.

What goes up, must come down. And almost always at terminal velocity. As fast as home prices went up... The snowball is getting bigger, it's picking up speed and has a good chance of destroying everything it rolls over.

Will you bee mine? First it was the honeybees and now bumblebees are disappearing so fast that some species went extinct before anybody knew anything was wrong. My tomatoes and peppers had many visitors this year, I hope next year is just as good. Whatever the cause, it needs to be investigated before it's too late. Otherwise we are going to be eating cloned food in a few years. And who would scare the elephants?

I hope so.

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