Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thursday Morning Nibbles

Anytime the machines pay out a jackpot, management considers it a malfunction, they usually just don't say so. Mom and I have lost enough money at the casinos over the years and have had plenty of time to watch management behavior. It is a business and just like any business they don't like to lose money. That's for the suckers who can't do math or are easily entranced by flashing lights and funny sounds. Just in case the sheer size of the casino doesn't give it away.

The "fight or flight" syndrome causes the body to produce adrenaline quickly. One of the side effects is that while it enables the body to shunt oxygenated blood to the muscles so that one can fight or run away, it does this by reducing the amount that is sent to the brain and this limits the ability to think clearly. That is pretty much the only explanation for forcing an obviously pregnant woman to lie on her belly with her arms out on a busy highway. With her two kids watching. At some point cops need to use their eyeballs, start thinking, and stop acting like every situation deserves a maximum response.

I agree with the reporter, the US guy was an ass. Unfortunately the wingnuts see it differently, but then they probably approve of making a pregnant woman lie on her stomach. Yes, the way he told the story was arrogant but since he seems to have a bit more experience with other coalition of the willing guards, he should be able to make all the comparisons he wants. The people complaining are the same people who resent being searched before a Nascar event. But that's different.

As a woman I had issues with James Watson long before he lost his mind and expressed his opinion that blacks are intellectually inferior, so for him to retire in disgrace is okay by me.

I make a special effort to make sure that mom is as entertained as possible. It puts a strain on the old budget, but what doesn't nowadays? I try to make sure that she has sushi and we go to the casino once a month. She doesn't want to go to the senior citizen's center but I can't entertain her 24/7. She does enjoy procedural dramas and fortunately for me, there are plenty of them on. Still, I think she's pretty sad. She misses dad (it would have been his 77th birthday last Monday) and my brothers (please try to call your mom more frequently than once a month). She deserves better.

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