Thursday, November 01, 2007

How Much Longer?

Bush definitely needs a muzzle to go with his straitjacket. He should only speak when spoken to and in monosyllabic words only. He has run roughshod over this country for way too long and every single one of his appointments has been surrounded by controversy, lies, half-truths, deceptions and a belief that the average (not a corporation or rich) American citizen is stupider than he is. If he ever leaves office, there won't be much of a free country left. But that seems to be the plan, doesn't it?

Almost two years ago I wrote a little post called "Scalia Believes Lethal Injection Is Illegal", it's nice to see that I was right. The death penalty needs to be abolished. Completely. Then the crew without a clue can decide that they can use all the prisoners who would have been on Death Row to fight out of control forest fires, volunteer for scary medical experiments or anything else that is considered dangerous to law abiding citizens. Just sayin'.

Snowflake memos are unlike their namesakes because they are all the same. The sky is falling, the sky is falling. Or, do your best to terrify the American people into becoming warmongering soulless zombies in fear of everything and everyone who isn't exactly like themselves. Batshit crazy and he wants everybody else to be like him.

It's Iraq, Stupid. So true but you wouldn't know it from the debates, actions of the candidates or the press. Let's make war on another country since we can't finish the last two we started. Anybody know where that Osama guy is going to escape from the next opportunity to capture or kill him? Kill as many innocent people as you can instead of the one that deserves to pay. Nice political strategy. For a fool.

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