Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Tuesday Morning Observations

Penn Jillete is an arrogant, overbearing jerk who likes to pass himself off as smart by shouting down those who oppose him. I used to love Penn & Teller, watched them whenever I got the chance and belonged to one of their online fan groups while I was in acupuncture school. There had been an ongoing discussion about Penn's intestinal problems that he had brought back from a trip to India and how nothing was working. I foolishly wrote that he should try acupuncture and they flamed me. My inbox was full for days. I was called everything but human and both Penn & Teller got in on the act. It totally ruined any respect that I had for them and it doesn't help that many years later they admitted that acupuncture works. Now he hangs out with Glenn Beck and accuses Clinton of sounding like Charles Manson. What a tool.

Not content with deluding home buyers into stupid mortgages that they can't afford, now the lenders are doing their best to gouge them on the way out of home ownership by attaching spurious fees and charges that either don't show up during the bankruptcy process or are ridiculously high and have no supporting documentation. Two million more families are expected to lose their homes during this crisis and now it looks like the lenders want the shirts off their backs in addition to repossessing the house.

I support the WGA and hope that the writers prevail because without them, there are no ideas. They should get paid for those ideas and they should be included in the profits of the future. Actors are nice, but writers give them something to work with. Hopefully, not all of the writers will have to take part time jobs like these.


  1. Good aftermoon, Debra.

    I really need to quit looking at the news readers, and just come here. I got my panties all in a bunch,(you might not know this, but guys like their panties bunched up!)after reading about the foreclosure fees, hours after you already had it up here! Nice catch. And par for the course with these government-abetted(unregulated)swindlers. Man, that's not even mentioning the mortgage insurance tacked on to all who don't provide 20% of the homes cost up front. You just know that in 3 to 5 years from now, home loans will cost a wee bit more, to cover the higher mortgage insurance rates due to payoffs now.

  2. I, too, once thought the world of Penn and Teller, but I figured out awhile ago that they aren't just illusionists-they, themselves, are illusions. I see little evidence that either of them believe in anything beyond whatever will get them the next headline.

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