Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Wednesday Wanderings

Chubby may be the new "healthy", but the upper end of it looks like I swallowed an inflated beach ball. Ever since the sixties people have been trying to convince themselves that the emaciated look is attractive, even though it doesn't look that good on Ethiopians or Holocaust victims. Marilyn Monroe was one of the sexiest women of the century (Elizabeth Hurley can take her attitude and shove it), and her weight varied throughout the years but that didn't affect her sexiness. Or her health. Plus, you get to enjoy your life instead of worrying that every little tasty bite will be your last. It's the quality, not the quantity of life, that matters. Which is why I just joined a gym. With a sauna.

Police don't listen to the voters any more than the politicians do. 54% of the 2005 vote in Denver was in favor of the police ignoring adult possession of less than an ounce of marijuana. Instead, arrests increased. Now the people have passed another initiative, this time by 55%, that states that they want their police department to make marijuana arrests their lowest priority. But the cops can't envision not arresting people for pot. The cynic in me says; nice use of resources, this way they don't have to catch anybody committing a serious crime because they can justify to themselves that they are catching "criminals".

WTF? It's easy for someone to say that a recession has its good points when they aren't going to be affected by it. Meanwhile, those of us who live in the real world are getting hammered at both ends. Everything is costing more, from food to fuel, and at the same time we are working harder while earning less money due to fewer hours at jobs that have no benefits. Oh yeah, and any safety net programs for those who aren't used to being poor have been eliminated and they're supposed to depend on the charity of people like him to survive these so-called good times? Not good, not good at all.

I can honestly say that I've never seen any of the Top 10 Most Disturbing Movies.

I did find this one to be disturbing. While I dream about having a luxurious kitchen, it certainly isn't for the same reasons. The racism and sexism are disturbingly obvious during the Asian based segment. It was offensive, but just like watching a bad accident, I couldn't stop watching.


  1. Even the MSM (Reuters in this case) is perhaps beginning to acknowledge the economic outlook ain't so rosy. There's an article on their front page entitled Preparing for hard times wherein Linda Stern offers some albeit investor-oriented advice, one item of which really amused me: "Invest in toilet paper and the other necessities of life." Well hell! I was all set to go out and get a few cases of the stuff when I realized she was talking about investing in the companies that make toilet paper.

  2. I would still lay in extras on the essentials, you never know what might happen.

  3. "...extras on the essentials..."
    Include 'strike anywhere' stick matches, candles, a manual can opener, canned goods, some hand tools, and a jug of bleach to use for water purification purposes if tablets are not available (careful with the bleach though--just a drop or so and no more per gallon of water).