Saturday, December 01, 2007

Welfare, War On Terror And Stupidity

Somehow I was under the misconception that the purpose of the state collecting child support from delinquent fathers was so that the kids could get the money. Boy was I wrong. It seems that the state collects the money to reimburse the feds for welfare costs. The kids get very little of it and the cycle of poverty continues. That's really efficient. This way it looks like the state is doing its job and the unfortunate can stay where they are. As hard targets for institutional racism, poor schooling and future incarceration.

The Constitution and the Bill of Rights are just pesky old pieces of paper. A fifteen year old has been held in Guantanamo for the last six years and just might get his day in court. Forget the speedy trial he hasn't received as he aged into adulthood, now he isn't even allowed to know the witnesses (so much for the Sixth Amendment) against him. Because they are "worried" about the witnesses lives. I thought that was what the witness protection plan was for. Not that they should need it since the majority of witnesses are military. Presumed guilty until convicted without being able to build an adequate defense. America, the land of the free, home of the brave. Six years of this crap and they only expect to try 80 of the 305 that they are holding. All charges, no evidence. Hunger strikers are force fed through nasal tubes and others are likely to die of serious maladies before ever coming to trial.

The war on terror was never funded correctly to begin with, now it is being barely funded at all. The only thing that has happened in the last seven years is a restriction of our freedoms without a concurrent increase in our safety. Why am I not surprised? Maybe because it isn't about protecting the country, it's about controlling the people.

There are very few people that I despise so much that they are considered to be an infected pimple on the ass of humanity, but the ChimpFuhrer is one of them. He wasted a surplus, dragged us into debt so deep that our grandkids will still be trying to paying it off and now he wants Congress to pass spending bills for his pet projects (war). He should go back to reading My Pet Goat.

Of course, the Demowienies don't know much about the democratic process either. A political party determining a state's right to hold elections when they want is a power play, not democracy. It is long past time for a national primary. The stranglehold that a few states have over the rest of us must be broken. The people of California, Florida, Texas, Michigan or Montana deserve the same choice of candidates that Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire and South Carolina have.

Ebony and ivory. Due to the wonders of photography, Michael Jackson looks normal.
Michael Jackson looks normal again.

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