Sunday, December 02, 2007

Are You Proud To Be An American?

Why? It can't possibly be because we shine the light of freedom throughout the world. Our hubris knows no bounds, as in approaching infinity. Our government gives less than a flying fart about the sovereignty of other countries. The crew without a clue believes they have the right to kidnap anybody they want, anywhere they want, whenever they want. They don't even have to ask permission first, because just like FISA, extradition just takes too long. Of course if the tables were turned, there would be screaming and hollering on a scale that would probably cause some of the never right wingers to just stroke out.

Which is what I almost did when I read this pitiful story. And they wonder why they can't recruit qualified people. Prosecuting PTSD veterans for trying to kill themselves. What? Is she being punished because all the others were successful and she wasn't? Every aspect of the story is atrocious, especially this part.
But outside the Pentagon, the military still largely deals with mental health issues in an ad hoc way, often relying on the judgment of combat-hardened commanders whose understanding of mental illness is vague or misinformed. The stigma around psychological wounds can still be seen in the smallest of Army policies. While family members of soldiers recovering at Walter Reed from physical injuries are provided free lodging and a per diem to care for their loved ones, families of psychiatric outpatients usually have to pay their own way.
That's right. We kick them when they are down and out and then punish their families financially. Support those troops!

Slap a band-aid on the problem another ribbon on the car. Wear another bracelet. That'll help the situation.



  1. Why aren't all these yellow-magnet "patriots" up in arms about this?

    I tell you this, nothing will change until the sacrifice is spread out among the Chimpletons. As long as they aren't serving or paying for anything, they'll continue to pay lip service to Supporting! The Troops!, kicking dirt in their faces all the while.