Monday, December 03, 2007

Monday Morning Blues

The Vietnam War returned many a young soldier as a drug addict. Operation Iraqi Freedom is doing the same but this time they are drugs by prescription. Dose 'em and forget 'em, but whatever you do, don't treat them for the problems created by repeated tours and the tragedies of war that leave the mind in a sensitive state.

Simple, warm and comfy are my choices.

Don't you love when they miss the obvious? If you believe in evolution, then just because chimps are raised in captivity it doesn't mean they gave up the genetic ability to notice more about what is going on around them because they aren't going to be killed at any moment. This also means we are going to have quit maligning them and find a new nickname for the nitwit in chief.

The 100 Best Mystery Novels (with links) of all time. I've read a few of them but it's hard to take a list seriously that has Murder on the Orient Express at
41 and Red Dragon at 27. Horror is not a mystery. And all this time I thought that Daphne du Maurier was writing Gothic romances.

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  1. Evenin' Deb.

    Dose 'em is right. A good friend of mine heads to the VA, and is given 100 lots of percocet, which he then gives to another guy who really needs the shit. He's never taken even one pill since he was shot up in '68. He says that's how everyone gets taken care of there. Hey, if it don't hurt no's a miracle!!