Friday, February 08, 2008

Back In The Saddle

It's been a tough week, but I'm finally breathing better. Whistling while you work is one thing, whistling while you breathe is another. Not much has changed in the few days I wasn't able to focus. Stupidity is still running rampant (somebody tell the Archbishop that the UK is not a Muslim country and if someone wants to live under Sharia law, they can go live in a country that practices it, not bring it to a civilized nation that doesn't need it), blatant sexism is on shameless display (What would possess someone to equate a former first daughter with being a hooker? Especially since unlike the current examples in the White House she was never picked up or suspected of wild drinking and drug use.), and very few people think that Bush or Congress are doing a good job. They're right.

Ooh, ooh, supposedly the government is going to send us money in May. Since I don't have kids and will obviously never have grandkids, who is going to pay off the debt? Or doesn't that matter anymore?

Since Bank of America seems to think that I can pay down their sub prime losses by hitting me with bank fees and unfair transaction ordering, how much do you think they will charge for the ability to deposit checks at home? For me, the opportunity to never set foot in the bank again, is priceless, so I'm sure they will want some percentage of my deposit. You know, a convenience charge.

Due process, no longer is. While it sounds like a good idea to use DNA evidence to deny parole to criminals, they are still entitled to a lawyer and a trial. I think it's called justice. Not that we worry about that in this country any more. That's for emerging democracies.

I agree with Hillary, Obama reminds me of a snake oil salesman or Professor Marvel. They speak empty platitudes with accomplished oratorical precision when they are really just fancier versions of Jack Handy.

PZ will be so ...thrilled. I guess it only works when doctors do it. Other than paying down the national debt, why do so many people want babies? That other people are going to raise because people supposedly don't need to work two minimum wage jobs since the economy is fundamentally healthy.

At the 3Bs.

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