Thursday, September 18, 2008

Excuse Me For Asking

But shouldn't the citizens be the ones getting the "loans" instead of the automakers, bankers and mortgage companies?  Isn't the crisis because people can't pay their bills and therefore they can't buy the cars or make the house payments?  Or could it be that the automakers didn't make products that consumers needed?

Meanwhile the babbling Bush keeps making promises to help out the guys who didn't plan for anything except themselves making a profit off of the average consumer.  Bush says he's working hard on economic turmoil.  Well, he's succeeded.  It almost cracks me up how short-sighted people have been for the last twenty eight years.  Nobody is propping me up except for a few people with big hearts.   If you offshore jobs to countries outside of the United States, eventually there won't be enough people with jobs inside the United States to be able to pay their bills.  So, they relaxed the credit rules and the economy was humming along nicely for a little while.  Now, just like falling off a building, the sudden stop at the end is a real killer.

If there is no such thing as a safe tan, how come people didn't have skin cancers throughout the ages?  If they weren't hunting for food, they were planting it.  People used to be outside from sun up to sundown.  Yes they died of cancer, but rarely was it a skin cancer.  Usually it was something that people couldn't see that killed them, like TB, stomach, colon or liver cancer.  You don't suppose that we've done something to the environment that caused the explosion of cancer in our lifetimes, do you?

Good grief!  I thought our representatives in Congress were lapdogs, but they have nothing on California's legislature.  This idea that taxes aren't needed for the public good is foolish.  For those of us who grew up here in the sixties and seventies and had one of the best school systems in the country to now not want to pay taxes so that today's children have the same opportunities as their parents, isn't foolish, it's stupid.  We have had wildfires burning out of control because there was neither the manpower, money or equipment to fight them quickly and at the same time reduced services to those who need it just so millionaires don't have to pay their fair share for enjoying all the benefits this state had to offer.  No wonder the cities are dividing into the rich and poor sides of town.  And this time it is without the railroad tracks showing the demarcation line.

On a personal note, thank you to those who donated to help my mom and myself.  Every dime is greatly appreciated.  Mom is aware that we are in trouble and it seems to have accelerated some aspects of her dementia along with making her even more stubborn.  If we become homeless we lose all of the programs that are helping to keep her out of a convalescent home where they send you to die and she loses any illusion of autonomy.  I would like to keep her away from that option as long as possible.  In other words, until she no longer recognizes me or the dogs, or dies at home as peacefully as possible.



  1. I could sure use a loan--think $85B might be just enough.

  2. I don't need that much, I need enough to pay first and the deposit on a new place that I can afford. Unfortunately, that won't be in California and there is no such thing as a fairy Godmother.

  3. You know if you keep being logical and using good sense "THEY" will come for you. ;-)