Wednesday, September 10, 2008

McCain, Put A Sock In It

There seems to be some sort of brouhaha over Obama using the line "lipstick on a pig" and that it's a sexist remark.  Since when?  I myself have used it several times, one of which was as a title to a post.  Of course I was talking about the forgotten war in Iraq.  Then there are these photos that have been floating around the web for years and nobody complained that they were sexist when Hillary was the target.  .
 Or how about this one of our ignominious President?
Why do Republicans always want things both ways?  Oh yeah, I forgot.  It's okay if you are a Republican.  Otherwise known as IOKIYAR for short.  What a bunch of crybabies.  And McCain is way too old to be playing these infantile games. 

On the other hand, people do regress into childhood as their brains deteriorate and dementia sets in.


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