Thursday, January 08, 2009

War, Witch, Stupidity And No Money

Bush is leaving office and just like every other company he left in tatters, America is no different. He's going on his merry way while the Middle East becomes a conflagration that could reach worldwide proportions. Honestly, did people really think that everyone in the Arab world would turn their back on the Palestinians in Gaza?

Israel is such a tiny country in a stupid location it was only a matter of time before other Arab states started lobbing missiles in either support of their brethren, just because they can or because the Israelis want to make it look like Hamas is everywhere that Israel wants to invade next..  If anybody besides Israel really did have "WMDs" their would be no more Israel.  To go along with the no more sympathy for any excuse the Israelis use for "protecting" themselves.  Genocide, you would think that Jewish people would think it was wrong and a crime against humanity.  But that was sixty years ago and it was happening to them, not them perpetrating it on others.

It would be my pleasure to punch her in the yap.  Or Adam's apple.  Free speech means for everyone, not just Man Coulter and the idiots who agree with her.  When is this witch going to be committed to a place where they can adjust her meds daily?

The Dear John Doe letters to the families of those who have died fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq shows in bitter detail how little the government cares about those they have caused to die for no other reason than to boost their own egos.  7000K letters.  So much for NCLB when the adults teaching can't even proofread and they supposedly went to school when reading was mandatory.  What's next, text messages where you have to guess what they mean?  Wer srry ur fmly mmbrs r ded? 

Almost as good is if your child plans on using the bathroom or reading books in class please send toilet paper and light bulbs for each of your children in the school because their budgets have been cut so much that they can't afford the basics.  I don't know about you but I find it hard to concentrate on school work when I have to go poop. Especially in a public bathroom.

Up, down, more, less.  It no longer matters because we don't make anything in this country anymore and until we do we will keep sliding down the rabbit hole.  Heck, we can't even sell things anymore.  That would require stores to be open for business.  Dire consequences, what an understatement.

Wannabe cops shoot an unarmed, restrained person in the back and you think there won't be riots?  And cops wonder why they don't get the respect they think they deserve.

No shit.  Wow, these economists are brilliant.



  1. An unarmed, subdued man is murdered by transit cops. In Houston a father is shot for defending his own son against cops who allege the boy stole HIS FATHER's SUV. In NOLO, a black man is shot 14 times, 12 in the back.

    I'm ready to head into the BART and start calling every cop I see an 'executioner'.

  2. You do that. Meanwhile, I'm going to do my best impression of an old fat black woman reading a book while listening to her iPod.

    And hope that nobody realizes that I am watching everything that goes on.

  3. Bush is leaving office and just like every other company he left in tatters, America is no different.

    No truer words...

    At least Obama seems to have a taste for the work. Not something you could ever say of Bush.