Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Please, Please, Please

N and K it is time to call your mother.  She has had nothing to eat or drink since Friday, has refused all pain meds and exists in a twilight hoping to hear your voices one last time. Even in her semi to mostly unconscious state she has made it clear that she wants to hear from you again.  It may be one lonely tear, but it happens every time we ask her if there is anything else we can do for her.

I beg of you, let bygones be bygones and help the woman who gave you birth, wiped the tears from your eyes when you were young and has loved you every single day that you have been in existence, to hear  your voices again.  Can you please grant her this solace?  The last thing to go is the hearing and all you have to do is let her hear your voice and even if you don't feel it (for which there is no reason I can understand), tell her you love her.  Three eight four nine three four one in the seven seven five area code.


Update:  Hospice believes that this is why she is still hanging on, she is waiting to hear from you and know that you are alright.  Please just let mom pass on in dignity and peace.  Please.

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